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Protect yourself against the harmful effects of viruses by supporting your immune system with ViralGuard 33a,34a,35a,36d

We know that vitamins and minerals are crucial for a healthy immune system but as we find the cells representing almost 70% of our entire immune system in our gut, this seems to be a very important place to start. 41a

ViralGuard’s combination of ingredients supports a healthy immune system through maintaining the immune system, antioxidant activity, and assisting to reduce cold and flu symptoms. 36a



B-Glucan occurs naturally in various plants, but also as a part of the cell walls of bacteria and fungi. 43a B-Glucan activates the immune system and increases the body’s immune defense. 43b,c,d

Pelargonium and Elderberry are plant extracts that has proven to improve cold symptoms and help to reduce the time absent from work or school.44a,b,45a,b

Echinacea has been clinically studied over the past 50 years and has proven to effectively stimulate the immune system 46a,b

Propolis contains flavonoids that are powerful antioxidants and play an important role in the maintenance of a healthy immunity 47a



Our gut is the home of many beneficial bacteria, that interact with our immune cells to make sure that our immune system matures and functions correctly. The bacteria’s effect on the immunity continues during our lifetime and has a significant impact on whole-body health. 42a,b An imbalance of beneficial bacteria and pathogenic bacteria or a loss of good gut bacteria, however, leads to reduced immunity.42c



Vitamins play a significant role in building immunity, and these include vitamins A,C,D,E,B6,B12 and folate. Together with the trace elements selenium, zinc, and iron they contribute to the body’s natural defences on three levels by supporting physical barriers (skin/mucosa), cellular immunity and anti-body production.48a

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